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What's in Your Bun?

The best hotdogs you'll ever have. 


The Pauly Wally Wieners Wagon has one simple mission, “Make People Smile”. We have a unique vintage vibe and offer fantastic all beef jumbo dogs. That's right, “What’s In Your Bun? Our dogs are seasoned and grilled all beef jumbo dogs, in a top quality fresh baked, buttered and toasted buns. Our food truck setup is a “blast from the past” with the 1960’s truck that will bring you down memory lane.  Our operating principles are basic, “keep it simple and do it right”. We look forward to

hob-knobbin with you down the road.  


We offer catering for your special events, golf outings, weddings, graduations, family gatherings…etc.  Call 980-319-0425 for pricing and reserving a dates.

Mobile Food Truck and Private Events

All Beef Jumbo Dogs

Paul Bauschka    980.319.0425

Private Events



Family Gatherings

Golf Outings

Corporate Lunches


Lobster Rolls

Prime Rib Dogs

Shrimp Rolls

Pauly Wally Dog

Momster Chili Dog

» Call for pricing and available dates/times

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